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Rustic but unique. An indispensable item in every girl’s closet. Must-have accessories that enhance your style. Diverse designs suitable for all different personalities. The products here are entirely handcrafted and eco-friendly. The craftman has handwoven this bag from natural and eco-friendly watergrass – a very strong environmental weed that grows naturally in local lakes and ponds. Not gorgeous, the watergrass bag is elegant and casual, quite light and suitable for any season. The bag with soft lining with a simple and courtesy design. You can not only use this watergrass bag to keep your accessories, but also use it as many fashion connoisseurs. Due to its varied uses, it can be treated as gifts to bring to your loved ones, a fashional bag to shopping, a basket to store personal item or a nice decorative item at home. Woven handmade with unique designs by Vietnamese skilled craftsman. The product is completely handmade, so each piece will be unique The color and size will be a little different from the original image. In case you buy this product as a gift and want Nam An to wrap and write a message for you, feel free to contact us! We ship worldwide.