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Each shape is a special meaning, each sculpture has its own message. This is a unique gift for your loved ones or to celebrate special occasions. Wooden sculptures of Nam An Craft are very suitable for home decoration. The products here are entirely handcrafted and eco-friendly. This unique sculpture will be a complement to any type of home decor. Main material is natural and sustainable sapele wood, which is a beautiful native wood with an aesthetic grain. The craftman carefully polished this by hand to perfect the smoothness. Finished with wood paint to protect and reveal the beauty of wood. Because this sculpture is totally handcrafted, each artwork is unique. That’s why wood grain, color, and pattern will differ slightly from picture. A very good choice for Anniversary, Housewarming, Business gift… In case you buy this product as a gift and want Nam An to wrap and write a message for you, feel free to contact us! We ship worldwide.