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Using Nam An Craft’s wooden toys to encourage children’s imagination, through which they can learn more lessons through stories. Used to decorate the house is also very reasonable. Safe products for all ages. The products here are entirely handcrafted and eco-friendly. Made from sapele wood by Vietnamese skilled craftsman Carefully polished by hand to perfect smoothness and finished with wood paint to protect and reveal the beauty of wood. The wooden creation fits perfectly as a home decorative piece or as a nice addition to a living room or child’s room. With so many cute animals to choose from this purchase actually might be challenging. We highly recommend you to see our Wooden Animal Sculpture Collection as a perfect reason to mix and match. Ideal innovative eco friendly gift on special occasion such as housewarming gift, business gift, birthday gift… Each item is hand carved from natural wood, they will all be individual, sizes and features will vary slightly. In case you buy this product as a gift and want Nam An to wrap and write a message for you, feel free to contact us! We ship worldwide!